Commercial and Property Management Customers

ANDY OnCall® can provide your business with prompt, attentive service for many maintenance needs. Our craftsman can patch and paint walls, repair restroom fixtures, re-lamp fixtures, fix doors and closers, handle leaky faucets, repair leaky roofs, and much more. We offer premium night, weekend, and holiday emergency service to established clients.

We work with many national maintenance service companies providing local response for their national clients. We are pleased to work with building managers, apartment complexes, strip malls, and office developments. Whether you’re a national chain or a small business, we’re here to help you.

Customers who choose to pay upon completion are eligible for the same coupons and discounts as our regular homeowners. Customers needing an open account can apply to our office for consideration. We offer a significant discount to our open account customers who pay promptly after receipt of invoice. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express business and personal credit cards.

NATIONAL MAINTENANCE COMPANIES: We will be pleased to provide local service response to your national clients. We can easily provide the service you require, document our work using your forms or our generic forms protecting your confidential information. Our craftsman can document our work with before and after photos, scans of site manager’s approval, and other necessary information that you may require at the time service is rendered. We can provide you with prompt, detailed invoicing via email, fax, or US Mail.   If requested, we can provide you with documentation of our insurance, bonding, and tax identification numbers. Small fees may apply for specific certifications and listings.

LOCAL BUSINESSES: If you are currently using third-party national maintenance companies to provide your maintenance response, we may be able to offer you a superior alternative. By hiring us directly, you avoid middlemen and gain greater control over the quality of the work. Our craftsman serve the entire Piedmont Triad area and we will help you work with other Andy OnCall® offices in North Carolina and nationally to address your maintenance needs in other locations.

Warranty: Our 1-Year Warranty backs up the workmanship performed by our experienced craftsman.


We will honor your requests for confidentiality of pricing information to your third-party clients for up to sixty days from the date of our work’s completion.

Free verbal estimates are available, but detailed written estimates including developing a specific scope of work, itemized component listings, etc. are billed at a minimum service charge. We may waive that charge if permission to proceed with the work is granted during our initial site visit.

To those clients with satisfactory credit references, we will grant open account status with 5% 15 days, NET 45 days terms.

Clients failing to pay within 60 days of our invoice date, will be considered to be in default and breach of contract. A Late Fee of $29.00 will be assessed to each invoice unpaid more than 45 days and, at our option, we may suspend work on other jobs for the same client until the late payment(s) are received.

We reserve the right to contact property owners and the direct beneficiaries of our work should our payment terms move to default. After due notice to the management of the site and the property owner, we may file liens to protect our payment interest.

Electronic billing is available. We send all accompanying documents to you via email. You receive your Invoice, before and after photos when applicable, end-user’s signoff sheet documenting completion of the work and any other supporting documents included with your Invoice.